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About Dapper Diaper Service
Dapper Diaper Service is a mom n pop operation based in Windsor, Ontario. We expect to have our own baby one day soon, and struck a cooperative deal to wash diapers for a circle of friends. When we discovered that Windsor did not even have such a service, we decided it was worth launching a full commercial offering.

Orsi has extensive commercial laundering experience,  and is an avid soap maker, formulating her own special detergent using the most trusted natural products. Both are passionate environmentalists, making this business a natural choice for us. 
Orsi, Operations Mgr
Yoshi, Marketing director, Driver
Orsi is a recent honours graduate of the St Clair Hospitality Mgmt program. Formerly a teacher, she also ran a laundry service in her home country.
Yoshi is an architect, solar project designer, energy auditor, and also Orsi's main driver (and devoted hubby!).
Committed to helping busy people make smart choices.